About KSM

Knowledge for Social Management

KSM-Knowledge for social management is a social consultancy firm bringing responsible solutions to the needs of companies, SCO, academia and public sector, based on the knowledge and experience of its partners, with an integrating approach of economic, environmental and social aspects.


Our objective is to increase the positive social impact of organisations present in society, through concrete tools that we design, adapt and use for social management.

Nuestro conocimiento para la Gestión Social

Our added value

International vision

We know and search for methodologies, tools, experiences and good practices from a wide range of countries from the four continents in which we have worked bringing a fresh, different, look into the problems and situations.


Our methodologies, solutions and proposals systematically include transversal analysis that contemplates the economic, social and environmental aspects, in each situation and always from a client oriented work.

Visión from the 4 Hélix

We incorporate to our analysis a shared vision of the four helix that give form to society:

  • Corporations (public and private).
  • Academic institutions (universities, research centers, institutes, teaching organizations).
  • Public administrations (local authorities, public agencies, provinces, autonomous communities, central administration, European Union).
  • Non for profit organizations Third sector organizations and platforms.

Human capital

KSM is formed by a team of professionals, with complementary training and professional careers, knowledgeable both of the local reality and of the international context and with a common denominator: their sensitivity and commitment to the improvement of the social management.

We also do

In addition to measuring Social impact, these are areas in which KSM works:

Y de manera transversal: