¿What is CSR?

Corporate social responsibility is a comprehensive view of sustainability to all practices of your organization. In KSM, as professionals for social impact measuring, we are inspired by European Union definition: "the CSR has to do with make the organization responsible for its impact on society”.

¿How can you do it?

Integrating environmental, social, ethical considerations relating to consumers and human rights in their operations and business plans.

The European Union identifies three key points that CSR benefits your organization and society:

  • Benefits your organization in managing risks, cost savings, access to capital, relationship with clients/stakeholders, human resources management and improving your innovation capacity.
  • Makes your organization sustainable and innovative, which contributes to the sustainability of the economy involved
  • Provides added values to create a more cohesive society ready for building a more sustainable economic system

What can we offer you from the CSR area?

CSR management for your organization

We design and implement the CSR management system of your entity (company, administration, academic or civil society organization)

Social Action Plan

We design and implement a social action plan for your organization including concrete actions that help you to visualize your activity generating social impact.

We help your to integrate a CSR plan in your organization

We help you integrate a CSR management system into your organization's general management system.

The Accountability of our Marketing

We elaborate a Social Plan to enforce your image reflecting your commitment, including approximation mechanisms to society, relationship with the media and social networks visibility.

Accountability of Communication Plan

We design a communication Plan to promote responsible for your organization's image through the media, your web site, LinkedIn and Facebook or events which you organize or participate.