How do you impact?

To find out what is your impact and to communicate it in a clear and accurate manner, we offer you:

Your Impact Book

Read a complete evaluation of your impact, with the result of the measurement, recommendations related to your own goals and proposals to monitor, improve and consolidate the social impact you have already made.


It is a complete analysis adapted to your needs, that will help you:

  • Justify and better base your projects to obtain funding
  • Reinforce your transparency policy towards investors, showing the complete economic return of your action

  • Show the relation between both tangible and intangible, foreseen or achieved results, and the mission of your organization

Your Impact Communication Plan

Receive your communication plan customized for your different stakeholders.


We define the scope of the plan: what to communicate, who to communicate, for which purpose to communicate. Two or three main messages will be defined. Specific information will be produced and prepared to be shared. Stakeholders will be gathered according to their condition or to the communication channel.


What do you want to communicate?

  • The social impact I am making
  • The change I have made
  • My impact-related next steps
  • The measuring exercise I have done

And with who will you communicate?

  • My clients
  • My investors, donors
  • My potential funders
  • My partners
  • My community
  • Society

Communicating: what for?

  • To optimize relations with stakeholders
  • To obtain more funds
  • To better position my project/organization in its context
  • To better sell my product/service
  • To open a new business line
  • To widen my service/product market
  • To enter new nets

Positive Social Impact + Label

Obtain and show an external and objective certification that supports the quality of your work through professional and proved arguments.


To stretch the importance and specific relevance that each type or organization has for the responsible development and positive social impact, colour of the PSI+ label will change according to the specific helix to which the organization, area, product or service evaluated belongs.


KSM considers 4 groups of organizations according the quadruple helix of society, having therefore 4 colours given as it follows:

Private sector
Service and manufacture companies, primary sector, finance sector, creative industries, social sector, big firms, SMEs, young entrepreneurs, clusters, public companies, small retail, malls, start ups.
Public administration
Departments, different levels of government, local development agencies, public management offices, incubators, municipalities, regions, ministries, public institutes, federation of public entities, museums, libraries, municipal services (sport clubs, parks, local routes, tourism areas, natural parks)
Public and private research institutes, universities, technological or scientific parks, centres for technological transfer, colleges, schools, training centres, language academies, vocational schools, sport centres, music, art, leisure centres.
Civil Society Organizations, citizens
NGOs, citizen initiatives related to social changes including innovative solutions, consumers associations, talent, people or organization platforms, social labs, non-profit organizations, development organizations, humanitarian aid organizations, migrant associations, cultural, sports and other associations.