To achieve a positive Social impact, it is essential to maintain good communication with all stakeholders involved in your activity. And that is achieved through proven communication and participation techniques, not only in the measurement process, but also throughout the stage of formulation and development of any plan, project, program, or service.


KSM offers double added value participation methodologies:

  1. They feed on current trends in the international context
  2. They include basic technological tools combined with more traditional once.

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Design of participatory processes

We select, adapt and design participatory methodologies depending on clients needs:

  • Selection: Either from European Union or overseas.
  • We adapt: to meet client's objectives
    • Company new service validation.
    • Company strategy plan Development.
    • Company new project design.
  • We design: based on the circumstances, budget, schedules, staff, installed capacities, context, etc, of the participatory process to be implemented


Technical support for improvement, adaptation and implementation of participatory processes


If you have already defined the participatory process that you want to develop, we can take it to practice by printing our quality mark KSM, redundant but on a greater and more consolidated positive Social impact.