What is impact social?

Social Impact = Social Print

Have you ever considered which results is your project, initiative or product bringing into society? What impact it makes on people? Which benefit or savings it generates for some actors, and what wellbeing for others? Until where or up to when do these benefits extend? The measure and calculation of all of that, related to each euro of investment, is the social impact of your action.

1. Measure your organization´s social impact with KSM methodology.


2. Communicate your results with KSM Communication Plan.


3. Certify your social value: “Positive Social Impact +” certificate.

Social Impact Measurement Self-evaluation

What is really Social Impact? How do you measure it? Would you like to know the Social Impact your organization has in society? Please answer this self-assessment questionnaire and quickly and easily receive a preliminary diagnosis of your Social Impact.


Just answer the questions below, write down of the number of “YES” you get and know your diagnosis.